Child and Family Therapy

Our goal is to allow your child to express their feelings and thoughts while optimising their strengths, in a safe and comfortable place.



Offering assessments within psychology, occupational and speech therapy to make informed decisions to enable our young people to flourish.


Therapy for the Therapist

We provide therapy for mental health practioners in a relaxed and highly confidential setting.


Clinical Supervision

In a confidential and safe environment, you will be assisted and guided in exploring your skills, competencies, and professional growth.

Connections Wa

Connections WA is a multidisciplinary therapy centre providing Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Speech, Language & Communication to children, adolescence, adults and families.

Connections WA host the Rockingham and Kwinana Mental Health Professional Network monthly events – Book Here

Conversations about Non-Suicidal Self-Injury aimed for teachers and parents who want to learn more about how to support others when they report NSSI:

For Mental Health Professionals, we offer individual and group clinical supervision, face to face and online.

Wellbeing Room: Wednesday evening, Sound Healing & Drumming 6pm-7pm – Call Silke to book 0405 754 682


What We Believe

We believe in the importance of creating therapeutic and reflective space that is honest, accepting and empathic to work through life's challenges.

We believe in the creating a safe and confidential space for you to realise your full potential and flourish.

We have made this for YOU by offering you a multi-disciplinary team-based approach to psychology, occupational and speech therapies.


Connections WA specialises in providing the following:


Using an individual, strengths based approach to offer a calm environment for individuals to explore feelings, thoughts and behaviours, to affirm and support the complexities of life.

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Occupational Therapy

Taking a holistic approach of a person's life, development and environment, to identify and remove barriers that impact a person's participation in the community.

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Speech Therapy

Our play-based speech therapy supports young people to strengthen connections through expression, being understood and understanding others.

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Therapy for the Therapist

We offer a highly confidential, reflective and compassionate environment in which other practitioners may undertake their own personal therapy.

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Clinical Supervision

A process-oriented approach that integrates the relational and systemic aspects of supervision to explore your skills, competencies, and professional growth.

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Offering individual assessments within psychology, occupational and speech therapy to make informed decisions to enable individual's to flourish.

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A Safe Space

We provide an inclusive, trusting and reflective space for therapy.


Call us now to learn more about our services and how we can help you and your family.